Pharmaceutical Packaging Material

Pharmaceutical Packaging Material is the material that prevent finished pharmaceutical products from destruction, prevent potency loss or degradation etc. during its shelf life

Pharmaceutical Packaging Material are of three types:
  • Primary Packaging
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Tertiary Packaging
Primary Packaging Material: 
Primary packaging material is the packaging material which is in direct contact with dosage form and used to pack original pharmaceutical dosage form. For Tablet and Capsules, generally pet/glass bottle, blister and alu-alu packaging is used where as for liquid/syrup generally bottles are used. Injection are packed into vials or ampules.

Examples: Blister, Strip, Alu-Alu, pet bottles, aerosol spray can etc.

Secondary Packaging Material:
Secondary Packaging Material is used to pack or cover primary packaging material. It is used for providing protection to primary packaging material as well as describing products detail (Brand name, composition, mfg date, expiry date, mrp etc)  as per regulatory requirements. 

Examples: Blister, Strip, Alu-Alu, pet bottles, aerosol spray can etc.

Tertiary Packaging Material:
Tertiary Packaging Material is used generally to protect product during transportation and distribution. Tertiary packaging material is loaded with goods packed into secondary packaging material.
Examples: Containers, Barrels, cartoon boxes, edge protectors etc.


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