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How to grow your Pharma Business?

  Growing a pharma business requires a strategic approach considering the specific context of your company and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Here are some general pointers to get you started: Market and Customer: Identify your target customer: Deeply understand the specific needs and challenges of your target audience, whether it's doctors, patients, hospitals, or other healthcare providers. This helps tailor your products, services, and marketing efforts. Focus on unmet needs: Look for gaps in the market where existing solutions are inadequate or unavailable. Addressing unmet needs can give you a competitive edge and drive innovation. Track market trends: Stay updated on regulatory changes, technological advancements, and emerging diseases to adapt your approach and anticipate future opportunities. Products and Services: Invest in R&D: Develop innovative products or differentiate existing ones through unique formulations, delivery methods, or combinations. Remember

Pharmaceutical Consultancy Service

A Pharmaceutical consultant provides services to clients in pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology industries. They offer services related to work they are specialized in. They offer export related, regulatory affairs related, design and packaging related, quality, license and other related services to these sectors. These professionals are hired by pharmaceutical companies at permanent basis or as timely basis (when work related to them arises). Pharmaceutical companies and Entrepreneurs need the support of pharmaceutical consultants in developing a suitable organisational structure, complete licensing formalities, business development, effective launch of products, building an effective company’s web portfolio and social media presence etc. Pharmaceutical consultancy includes A to Z solution for pharmaceutical companies. From point Zero to fully set-up and running a successful business.  Different types of pharmaceutical consultancy service providers are: Pharma Export Con

BA/BE study

Bioavailability (BA): Bioavailability refers to the rate and extent of availability of active pharmaceutical drug in systemic circulation of our body or available at site of action. It is measurement of the relative amount of drug absorbed from administered dosage form to reach the systematic circulation and become available at site of action. Bioequivalence (BE): Bioequivalence refers to the absence of a significant difference in the rate and extent to which the active ingredient or active moiety in pharmaceutical equivalents or pharmaceutical alternatives becomes available at the site of drug action when administered at the same molar dose under similar conditions in an appropriately designed study. BA/BE studies are conducted generally for new drugs, any modification of already existing molecule/dosage form, approval of generic version of any off patent molecule etc. In case of generic drugs , BE study is required to ensure generic versions are equally safe and efficacy profile,

How to start a generic pharmaceutical company in India?

Generic pharmaceutical company is the company who deals in manufacturing and/or marketing of generic drugs. Licenses and registration procedure of all types of pharmaceutical companies are same, only difference in marketing and distribution type. Generic drugs: Generic drugs are the drugs (other than patent brand) which are out of patent and all manufacturers are allowed to manufacture and market it. A pharmaceutical company innovates a new molecule which has efficacy and safety desired to treat any ailments for human or animals, a patent is granted for specific period to innovative pharmaceutical company for recovering its expenditure spent at research and development of that molecule. After expiration of patent, all pharmaceutical companies are allowed to manufacture and market it. All these products whether launched with generic name or brand name other than patent brand are known as generic drugs. Read in detail about generic drugs here . Generic medicines which are sold by af

Pharma company registration procedure

Pharma Company registration Procedure: Pharmaceutical company requires many types of registration and licenses. A pharmaceutical company can be started by setting up a firm or registration of company. Along with firm/company registration, a pharmaceutical company also requires following licenses and registration to start with.  Drugs manufacturing license Wholesale drug license number Drug Testing Laboratory License Good manufacturing Practice certificate Goods and Service Tax Registration Factory Act registration (if required) Different types of licenses we have covered in our different articles. In this article we will cover major steps and will provide links of that article to know complete detail about particular license and registration.Concentration at this article will be at setting up firm or registration of company. Step wise procedure for pharma company registration (Major steps involved): Choose Name for pharmaceutical company you want to launch Prepare a

Types of Pharma companies

Types of Pharmaceutical Companies A pharmaceutical Company can be classified on the basis of many factors like manufacturing/marketing, operational and marketing strategy etc. We will try to classify pharmaceutical companies. Have look at types of pharmaceutical companies. Classification on the basis of Product development: Research Based Molecule Developer (Branded/Patent Medicine) Generic Counterparts Bulk Drug Manufacturers Contract Research Organizations Research Based Molecule Developer (Branded/Patent Medicine): These are the larger drug companies that have several different drugs to their name. Moreover, these established companies, like Pfizer, have thousands of researchers working for them, and several manufacturing plants. Generic Counterparts: Since the expiry of drug patents help in lowering the cost of manufacture, generic drug companies help mass-produce drugs. Moreover, these pharmaceutical companies do not work much on R&D but help bring patent-expired medicines to

Can a doctor start a pharmaceutical Company?

A doctor can start a pharmaceutical company but he/she will require fulfilling all requirements needed for starting a pharmaceutical company. A doctor can be owner of pharmaceutical company but a doctor cannot be a competent person on the basis of his/her educational qualification. He/she will need competent person along with other specification and requirements (which can be check by reading given link below) to start own pharmaceutical business whether it’s a pharmaceutical marketing company or pharmaceutical manufacturing company or other pharmaceutical businesses . Pharmaceutical Marketing Company: For starting of pharmaceutical marketing company, one of the following qualified competent person will be required: Registered Pharmacist, or Holds a degree of a recognised University with one year‘s experience in dealing with drugs Read in detail: How to start pharmaceutical marketing company? Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company: For starting pharmaceutical

Competent Person

Competent person is most commonly used word while applying for any type of license and registration in pharmaceutical industry. Most of new comers and sometimes even experienced persons could not be able to describe competent person in pharmaceutical sector. Definition of Competent Person: A competent person is a person who is eligible and authorized to conduct a specific pharmaceutical business means manufacturing procedure under pharmaceutical manufacturing , dispensing and compounding under pharmaceutical retail , sale and distribution under pharmaceutical wholesale business etc. Every business types require different qualification and requirements to become competent person. Qualification and requirements for becoming competent person in different types of pharma businesses is as follow: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company: Number of Competent person required: 2 no. Manufacturing Chemist Analytical Chemist Manufacturing Chemist: Manufacturing chemist is a person wh

Third Party Manufacturing

Third party manufacturing in pharmaceutical sector is a process for manufacturing own brand named products from manufacturing unit having valid manufacturing license number. Third party manufacturing concept is famous among small and macro sized pharmaceutical marketing companies. Pharmaceutical manufacturing unit is a time consuming and costly project. Investment required to start a pharmaceutical manufacturing company is huge. It is not possible for small and macro sized existing pharmaceutical companies and new start-ups having limited fund for starting a pharmaceutical business .   अगर आप फार्मा थर्ड पार्टी मैन्युफैक्चरिंग के बारे में हिंदी में जानना चाहते है तो आप यह वीडियो देख सकते है। Pharmaceutical marketing company is an easy, less time consuming and less expensive way for starting a pharmaceutical company . Third party manufacturing is basis of starting a marketing company in pharmaceutical industry. Some time pharmaceutical manufacturers also get manufactured their o

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