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How to grow your Pharma Business?

  Growing a pharma business requires a strategic approach considering the specific context of your company and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Here are some general pointers to get you started: Market and Customer: Identify your target customer: Deeply understand the specific needs and challenges of your target audience, whether it's doctors, patients, hospitals, or other healthcare providers. This helps tailor your products, services, and marketing efforts. Focus on unmet needs: Look for gaps in the market where existing solutions are inadequate or unavailable. Addressing unmet needs can give you a competitive edge and drive innovation. Track market trends: Stay updated on regulatory changes, technological advancements, and emerging diseases to adapt your approach and anticipate future opportunities. Products and Services: Invest in R&D: Develop innovative products or differentiate existing ones through unique formulations, delivery methods, or combinations. Remember

Can a pharmacist prescribe medicines?

Query: I was watching your online video to understand the difference between pharmacy retail store and chemist store. I need to know few information as I am doing a research on understanding how pharmacies work in India . Can the pharmacy get into direct marketing activities with the consumers? Can a pharmacist prescribe medicines? Are there any restrictions about who can access Family Planning products/ services through drug shops or pharmacies? Can a pharmacist administer Injections if the client wants? Response: Check out: General Basic knowledge about pharmaceutical sector here Check: How to start retail pharmacy business in India? 1. Can the pharmacy get into direct marketing activities with the consumers? Most pharmaceutical products are prescription based. Pharmacy can't get into the direct marketing activity of prescription medicines. But for OTC, cosmetics, nutraceuticals and ayurvedic products, pharmacy can indulge into direct marketing activity. Check difference betwee

Is it possible that only marketed company name can be written on label, not the manufacturer's name?

Query: I want to make cosmetics makeup powder from a company and my product is only 7 gm in a container. Is it possible that only my company name can be written on it and not the manufacturer's name? Or I'll have to mention both manufacturers and My company name in marketed section. I read a few documents which clearly state that small containers below 30 gm need not to mention all details. Can you please guide me regarding the same. Response:  You have to mention manufactured by and marketed by both... There is some relaxation if your label size is small but in that case you have to mention manufactured by name at least if full address can't be printed. If the label size is big enough or you have an outer box also then you have to mention the complete manufactured by name and address, license number along with your company marketed by address. You can mention it in a small font if not in a big font but should be clearly visual. Query:  May I know if there is any other way

How do pharmacies work in India and How it should work?

Introduction Pharmacy Industry is regulated industry in India and one needs to take retail drug license to open a pharmacy store in India. Complete formalities, procedure and documents for pharmacy business setting up, you can read at our article: How to start pharmacy business in India?   Pharmacy and chemist shop has some difference but still they are used as synonym for each other in India. As compounding is not a common practice in India nowadays, pharmacy and chemist shops are same at most of places. Check: How to start chemist shop in India? Here we will use pharmacy word for all pharmacies, chemist shop and medical store etc. For running a pharmacy, there are required to have retail drug license by fulfilling requirements like a registered pharmacist, adequate space and documents. Registered Pharmacist Registered pharmacist is a person who possesses minimum pharmacy qualification and training to become a pharmacist in India and his/her name is registered in concerned state pha

Code of Pharmacy Ethics

1. Declaration: Each applicant, at the time of making an application for registration under the provisions of the Act, shall be provided a copy of the declaration as specified in Appendix I along with copies of Code of Pharmaceutical Ethics and Pharmacist’s oath by the state pharmacy council, who shall submit it duly signed. 2. Privileges of persons registered as a pharmacist on the register of State Pharmacy Council: Subject to the conditions and restrictions laid down in these Regulations regarding practice of profession of pharmacy by persons possessing approved pharmacy qualifications, every person whose name is for the time being entered in the register of the state in which he is for the time being residing or carrying on his profession or business of pharmacy shall be entitled to practice as “Registered Pharmacist” and engage in the practice of profession of pharmacy and to recover in due course of law in respect of such practice of pharmacy any expenses, charges or any fee to w

Difference between over the counter drugs and Prescription drugs

Drugs can be divided into two categories depend at how we can sell a drug. Prescription drugs Over the Counter (OTC) drugs Irrespective of any type of drug whether it is a branded drugs or generic drugs , drug can be sold out only either against prescription or as an OTC drugs. Check out: Complete knowledge about types of drugs here Difference Between Over the Counter drugs and Prescription drugs Prescription Drugs: These drugs have serious side effects if taken without supervision of registered medical practitioner. Hence these drugs can be sold out only against prescription of registered medical practitioner only. The Drugs that can't be sold without prescription of registered medical practitioner are known as Prescription Drugs. Check out: Prescription drug list in India here Over the Counter Drugs: Some drugs with time have been proven to be effective without any serious side effects. Hence these medicines are allowed to be sold by pharmacies and chemist without prescription

Wholesale Pharma Business Enquiry

Query: I came across your you tube video for wholesale business in pharma distribution . Actually I am interested in this business but I am not a pharmacist . However I have done BSc with biology and MBA and has also done job in a healthcare company who was a drug retailer for one year . So can I get the license . Please give me advise on this. Response:  For taking wholesale drug license , you should fulfill either of qualifications i.e. Either Registered pharmacist under state pharmacy council or Person having minimum of one year experience at registered wholesale drug licensed firm after graduation But you have experience at a retail store company which is not fulfilling your eligibility for a wholesale drug license. So, you need to fulfill the second criteria for taking a wholesale drug license if you are not a pharmacist. Check out: How to start medicine wholesale business?

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