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How to grow your Pharma Business?

  Growing a pharma business requires a strategic approach considering the specific context of your company and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Here are some general pointers to get you started: Market and Customer: Identify your target customer: Deeply understand the specific needs and challenges of your target audience, whether it's doctors, patients, hospitals, or other healthcare providers. This helps tailor your products, services, and marketing efforts. Focus on unmet needs: Look for gaps in the market where existing solutions are inadequate or unavailable. Addressing unmet needs can give you a competitive edge and drive innovation. Track market trends: Stay updated on regulatory changes, technological advancements, and emerging diseases to adapt your approach and anticipate future opportunities. Products and Services: Invest in R&D: Develop innovative products or differentiate existing ones through unique formulations, delivery methods, or combinations. Remember

How to start Pharmaceutical Product's Packaging Material Business?

Query: I am interested to start a small pharmaceutical packaging company and I am looking for some information. I have found your email on google when I was reading your article on how to start a pharmaceutical packaging company. Can you provide me some guidance that how can I start a pharmaceutical packaging company and how much investment require for small scale.  Response: You can start a pharmaceutical packaging printing company by setting up machinery and equipment. Unlike pharmaceutical manufacturing plants , there is no requirement of taking drug related licenses for pharmaceutical packaging companies. You can set-up a packaging company just like any other un-regulated sector. Search for premises Take GST number Purchase machinery and equipment's Tie-up with pharmaceutical finished goods manufacturing unit Supply to them But for starting a packaging company, you need to have knowledge of some skills like basic knowledge of designing, printing process and requirements of phar

How to Mention Marketed by Address of Mumbai, HP or Gujarat at Pharma Products?

Query: I have drug license , I want to start business (Medicine ), But marketed by Mumbai address or HP, Gujarat like this place, can you give good suggestion Response: It is common practice in pharmaceutical sector adopted by pharmaceutical marketing companies to have drug license at one location and marketed by address at different locations. This can be possible by showing an admin office or sales office at another location having rent agreement and small office there. Most of pharmaceutical companies are doing it without showing their licensed address at packaging but with implementation of new draft it is going to be difficult to hide your address where you have drug license . So, we will recommend to show licensed address also at packaging even at small fonts and then mention admin address below it, so you don't have to face any legal complications. If you want to show only Mumbai address or HP, Gujarat then you need to take a drug license there also. The best way to show

Minimum Investment required to set-up Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant

Query: I got your mail ID from the internet and wanted to interact with you regarding the setup of new pharma manufacturing plant requirements and the least amount to be invested. I have been working with a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant for the last 16 years. Also can you please help me out in clearing my doubts regarding the setup as I won't have a lot of cash in hand and wanted to take a loan from a bank. Response: Starting a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant is a costlier project. It requires a premises in the Industrial area and specifications as per Schedule M . You have to complete all requirements as per schedule M and apply for a manufacturing license at your concerned state drug licensing authority office... Check documents and requirements for starting a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit by clicking here Investment is not fixed and varies location to location. But pharmaceutical manufacturing plants have to set-up by compiling with current government specifications

Need Help in Starting a Nutraceutical Business

Query: This is regarding my query to start a nutrition supplement business. I am a non-familiar person to this industry. But I want to diversify my business horizon and feel this would be a good fit for me. Therefore, I would like you to please help me understand the process and ways to set up this business. Hope to hear from you soon. Response: For starting Nutraceutical Manufacturing business, you need to take FSSAI central license. Nutraceuticals are covered under FSSAI, not drugs. So, you can start Nutraceutical Manufacturing Business by taking FSSAI central License in manufacturer category. FSSAI license is applied online through their portal . You can meet the Food Licensing authority of your district before or after applying online to know complete requirements and procedures. Documents required for applying FSSAI Central License for Nutraceuticals: 1. Blueprint/layout plan of the processing unit showing the dimensions in meters/square meters and o

How to market and sell Cosmetic Products?

Different ways to sell and market Cosmetic Products: Cosmetic industry is one of the top profitable industries in the world. If you want to start your business in cosmetic industry then you need to fulfill certain criteria’s. Here we are going to discuss about what are the different ways to sell and market your cosmetic products. First have a look at procedure for starting different cosmetic businesses: How to start cosmetic Manufacturing Business? How to start Cosmetic Marketing Company and sell products online? Types of marketing and selling ways: There are generally two ways for marketing & selling cosmetic products Online Ways Offline/Traditional ways Online Ways: Digital Marketing like Blogging and Content Marketing, Use of Social Media Channels (Free and Paid Promotion) i.e. Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Youtube Channel, Linkedin Profile etc ) Own website building and promote it through SEO, paid ads etc Listing at business portals and classified websites Google my busine

Manufacturing Batch Record for Cosmetics

I. Particulars to be shown in the manufacturing records:  (1) Serial number.  (2) Name of the product.  (3) Lot or Batch size.  (4) Lot or Batch number.  (5) Date of commencement of manufacture and date when manufacture was completed.  (6) Names of all ingredients, quantities required for the lot/batch size, quantities actually used.  (7) Control reference numbers in respect of raw materials used in formulation.  (8) Reference to analytical report numbers or unique code.  (9) Actual production and packing particulars indicating the size and quantity of finished packings.  (10) Date of release of finished packing for distribution or sale.  (11) Signature of the expert staff responsible for the manufacture.  II. Records of raw materials: Records in respect of each raw material shall be maintained indicating the quantity received, control reference number, the quantity issued from time to time, the names and batch numbers of the products for the manufacture of which the said quantity of r

List of categories of cosmetics

Face care products other than face mask Face mask Eye contour products Lip care products Hand care products Foot care products Body care products External intimate care products Chemical exfoliation products Mechanical exfoliation products Skin lightening products Other skin care products Soap products Bath / shower products Make-up remover products External Intimate hygiene products Other skin cleansing products Chemical depilatories Physical epilation products Other body hair removal products Bleach for body hair Products with antiperspirant activity Products without antiperspirant activity Shaving products Pre- / after-shaving products Other shaving and pre- / after- shaving products Foundation Concealer Other face make-up products Mascara Eye shadow Eye pencil Eye liner Other eye make-up products Lip stick Lipstick sealer Other lip make-up products Body or face paint , including "carneval make-up" Other make-up products Hydro alcoholic perfumes Non hydro alcoholic perfume

Labelling Requirements for Cosmetic Products

Manner of labelling: (1) Subject to other provisions of the rules, a cosmetic shall carry on both the inner and outer labels: (a) the name of the cosmetics, (b) the name of the manufacturer and complete address of the premises of the manufacturer where the cosmetic has been manufactured. If the product has not been manufactured in a factory owned by the manufacturer, the name and address of the actual manufacturer or the name of the country where it has actually been manufactured as ―Made in ........ (name of country)" should be there on the label: Provided that if the cosmetic is contained in a very small size container as 30gm or less if the cosmetics are in solid or semi-solid state and 60 ml or less if the cosmetics is in liquid state, where the address of the manufacturer cannot be given, the name of the manufacturer and his principal place of manufacture shall be given along with pin code (c) use before or date of expiry(month and year) or use by or expiry date or expiry XX

List of Documents for Grant of wholesale drug license

Grant of Wholesale Drug License : 1. Application in Statutory form. 2. License Fee/Challan. 3. Declaration (Notarised affidavit) for new drug sale license in prescribed format by applicant (proprietor/Partners/Director/Authorised Signatory/Power of attorney). 4. Residential certificate, Voter ID, Aadhar card for proof of residential address (permanent). 5. Proof of educational qualification of applicant. 6. Proof of date of birth of applicant. 7. Government document with photo for identification. 8. Four (4) passport size colored photo of applicant. 9. Partnership deed in case of partnership firm/ Article of association, Memorandum of association, List of Directors resolution of Board of directors/Power of attorney (In case of a company). 10. Affidavit in prescribed format regarding character by applicant/character certificate of applicant issued by competent authority. 11. Plan of the proposed premises indicating the carpet area (specifying length and breadth in meters and area in squ

List of Documents for Grant of Retail Drug License

Grant of Retail Drug License  1. Application in Statutory form.  2. License Fee/Challan.  3. Declaration (Notarized affidavit) for new drug sale license in prescribed format by applicant (proprietor/Partners/Director/Authorized Signatory/Power of attorney).  4. Residential certificate, Voter ID, Aadhar card for proof of residential address (permanent).  5. Proof of educational qualification of applicant.  6. Proof of date of birth of applicant.  7. Government document with photo for identification.  8. Four (4) passport size colored photo of applicant.  9. Partnership deed in case of partnership firm/ Article of association, Memorandum of association, List of Directors resolution of Board of directors/Power of attorney (In case of a company).  10. Affidavit in prescribed format regarding character by applicant/character certificate of applicant issued by competent authority.  11. Affidavit in prescribed format regarding consent and appointment of Registered Pharmacist. 12. Registration

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