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Loan License, Third Party Manufacturer or Contract Manufacturer : Best option for Pharmaceutical Start-ups

Query:  Please help me in this regard. 1. We want to market following these products. Protein Powder Multivitamin Capsules Amoxicillin + Potassium Clavulanate Tablets Cefixime Tablets Chlorzoxazone + Aceclofenac + Paracetamol Tablets 2. We want to Market under our Company Logo. 3. Which is the best option for us. Loan License. Third Party Manufacturer. OR Contract Manufacturer. We need different company names located only in Hyderabad to manufacture above said products. Response: Third Party Manufacturer  will be a better way for you to start with as it requires less effort to get manufactured own brand name product under own logo at initial stage... Later when you will be established, going into loan licensing or contract manufacturing will be good. Sorry for different company names as we don't recommend companies. Check out List of Pharmaceutical Companies in Telangana
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How many days it will take to start a Pharmaceutical Marketing Company?

Question: I am working in MNC last 24 years I want to start my own pharma marketing company on ethical prescription base company. My friends ready to invest around 30 lakhs including me. Please give me information step wise what to do. How to do &how many days it will take to start promoting products. I would like to start promoting first stage with 5 to 6 products only i.e. 1. ferrous ascorbate, folic acid with zinc combination tabs form and 2. Calcium with vitamin d3 brand. 3. Multi-vitamin tabs & syrup. 4th brand cefpodoxime 100/200/tabs and dry syrup. 5. brand telmisartan combination....6 brand one cough preparation. If everything goes well one tablet form of methyl cobalamin and b1, b6, b12. combination. Please give information Answer: For starting pharmaceutical marketing company, you need to have following things: 1. Business Registration – Firm Registration or Company Registration (Voluntary) 2. Wholesale Drug License 3. Goods and Service Tax Identific

How to start nutritional products manufacturing in India?

Question: I am Currently Australian and Indian dual country registered Pharmacist. I am also certified in anti-ageing practitioner and I work with specialists to develop custom made nutritional and topical preparations. I would like start nutritional products manufacturing in India with initial third-party manufacturing and contract manufacturing . My question is, if there is a reference to check classification of the nutrients that I want to put in to the formulations to know 1. Needs prescription 2. Needs clinical studies 3. Needs stability and comparability data 4. Any certifications/formulation approval needed or a formulation pharmacist is needed 5. Restrictions on supply through publishing on website Answer: For starting nutritional products manufacturing units in India, you need to take FSSAI central license. Check out: Procedure and documents for starting nutraceutical manufacturing unit All nutritional products are fall under Food Act and regulated in India by FSSAI (

Pharmaceutical Marketing Company related Questions

Question: I have pharma marketing experience only; 1. Nothing knows what is a private limited company and what are the responsibility of Directors. 2. How can I show marketed by address on products of Bangalore while operating whole company from my city in UP (west). 3. Do I need Drug License with company registration if I have another firm as C&F/ Central Distributors. 4. It is difficult to get drug License at my city, Can I purchase the old license with different name from my company name. 5. Are 20B and 21B enough to get third party manufacturing and to sale of Food products. Answer: 1. To understand the responsibilities of directors in Private Limited Company, you need to understand the who is director of a private limited company. A director of private limited company is a person which acts on the behalf of company. A director controls, manages and directs the company and its members. Responsibility of directors is to control, manage and direct the company. A director has sim

How to set-up Retail Pharmacy Business?

Question: This is with regards to opening up of a retail pharmacy business in Thane. Please guide me as to how I can proceed with it. I am CA qualified, but have no idea about whether any specific qualifications are required for setting up this business and also how to obtain license Response: For starting retail pharmacy business, you need to have retail drug license . For taking retail drug license, you need to complete all requirement essential for it. These are as follow: Premises Area Required: Minimum of 10 Square meters. Premises Specifications: Premises shall be designed, constructed, adapted and maintained to suit the pharmacy operations so as to permit dispensing of drugs under hygienic conditions. Competent Person: Registered Pharmacist Pharmacist requirement, you can fulfil by appointing a registered pharmacist as employee for your pharmacy store. Documents and requirements for starting retail pharmacy business: Application at Form 19, 19A, 19B or 19C as per license requ

Am I eligible to apply for drug dealership license as Financial Analyst

Query:  I am looking to start distributor business in Pharmaceutical so I need complete details from license procedure to apply for distributor ship. Can you please provide the details over email? Also, I have question that Am I eligible to apply for drug dealership license if I don't have an experience in drug dealership? As I have done MBA in finance and have worked in finance company as Finance Analyst but now, I am interested to start distribution business in pharmaceutical at my place and also please suggest which company dealership I can apply for on the basis of profit, easy dealership process and formalities, etc.  Response: For starting distribution in pharmaceutical sector, you require to have wholesale drug license and GST number. Check out: Procedure and details for applying wholesale distribution license here You are not eligible for applying for wholesale drug license on the basis of your experience as Finance Analyst. You must have either minimum of one year expe

Wholesale Drug License: Experience Conditions?

Question: I have read some of your articles and I must say your team is doing a great job in providing needy ones with complete knowledge and details of Pharmaceutical Industry of India. I had a small doubt and I would be grateful to you if you help me out of this. I am doing graduation from an open university (Delhi University, School of Open Learning (SOL)) and side by side doing a job in a registered Pharma Company . The company recruited me on 10+2 basis. I just wanted to ask you whether I will be eligible to take the drug wholesale license in my name after graduation if I show the experience of 3 years in a registered pharma company alongside a B.A. degree. or I will have to show the experience in pharma industry after graduation ? Advice: For taking wholesale drug license , a person should have one from the following eligibilities: Either Registered pharmacist under state pharmacy council or Person having minimum of one year experience at registered wholesale drug licensed fir
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