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List of Documents for Grant of wholesale drug license

Grant of Wholesale Drug License : 1. Application in Statutory form. 2. License Fee/Challan. 3. Declaration (Notarised affidavit) for new drug sale license in prescribed format by applicant (proprietor/Partners/Director/Authorised Signatory/Power of attorney). 4. Residential certificate, Voter ID, Aadhar card for proof of residential address (permanent). 5. Proof of educational qualification of applicant. 6. Proof of date of birth of applicant. 7. Government document with photo for identification. 8. Four (4) passport size colored photo of applicant. 9. Partnership deed in case of partnership firm/ Article of association, Memorandum of association, List of Directors resolution of Board of directors/Power of attorney (In case of a company). 10. Affidavit in prescribed format regarding character by applicant/character certificate of applicant issued by competent authority. 11. Plan of the proposed premises indicating the carpet area (specifying length and breadth in meters and area in squ

What all approvals and licenses require as a skin care products marketed by company?

I have been reading your articles. It would be great if you can give me some clarity.
I want to get some skin care products manufactured under my brand,I need some information regarding that:-
1) What all approvals and licenses, I would require as a marketed by company.
2) What all certificates I should check of the manufacturer.

Skin care products can be manufactured by three ways:
Most probably you want to launch skin care general products manufactured as cosmetic products.
So, we will provide clarity by assuming, you want to start cosmetic skin care products.
1. You will not need any approval or license to cosmetic skin care products under your brand name. You only require to have trademark registration for protecting your brand name intellectual rights. All approvals will be carried out by the cosmetic manufacturer and manufacturer may charge for it from you for approvals of your desired products.
2. You can check out License manufacturer have, GMP certification or check samples of products already manufactured by it. 

Yes I want to enter general cosmetic range. What approval would be required per product?
I mean which Department and what would be expected cost for per product approval in Delhi

A cosmetic manufacturer has to take approval of a product from the drug department before manufacturing it. Manufacturer will take product approval from Delhi Drug Control Department.
Approx. cost would be approx. 2-5 thousand

Hope above information is helpful to you...


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