Is any license required for selling hand sanitizer?

Question: Please help us with the following information
We are getting prepared sanitizer third party manufacturing basis, Manufacturing will be  by other party and marketed by our company. Please let us know the following information (Our area of operation will be Delhi and want to sell all over India)
1. Can we sell the product? only with the incorporation documents in hand 
2. Is any license required for selling hand sanitizer?
3. What is the label required.. mfg licence no of the third party and marketed by our name... is our license required to mention?
4. what are the other requirements? to start selling (we are planning sanitizer, hand rub, surface cleaner etc...)
Please give information so that we can take proper decision

Answer: Licenses and Documents required for sanitizer depend at its nature of manufacturing. If it is manufactured as Pharmaceutical product then you will require to take license to sell it but if it is manufactured as ayurvedic medicine or cosmetic product then you will not require any license to sell it. So you should choose third party manufacturer on that basis.
1. Depend at above explanation
2. Depend at above explanation
3. Essential Labeling requirement will be almost same in all three cases.
  • Name of the product
  • Composition
  • Manufacturing license number of manufacturer
  • Batch number, Mfg date, Exp. date, Mrp
  • Name and Address Manufacturing Firm/Company
  • Name and Address of marketing firm/Company etc
Marketing company license number is not essential to mention
4. Not much requirements is required to start selling. You may take GST number (depend at turnover) or can register your company etc.


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