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What is Pharma Franchise Model? A blog about how franchising works in pharma.

In this article I will tell you about the Pharma Franchise Model and how it is different from other franchise models. Along with Pharma Franchise, I will drop you some basic knowledge about the entire franchise model. Franchise marketing meaning varies from industry to industry. A franchise is a model of distribution and represents the most common business structure that enables the franchisor to capture recurring business from their franchisees. The franchisees are then able to earn profits from the same set of rules, systems and standardized products sold by other franchises across the country. In today's world of marketing, franchising has emerged as a lucrative option for new ventures as it simplifies and streamline the process of starting a business. With so much advanced equipment, efficient manpower, trained professionals etc., many entrepreneurs find it financially rewarding to take up a franchise business. What is Franchising? Franchising is a business strategy that involv

How to choose name for your start-up business?

Choosing a best main for any start-up is very crucial step. You have prepared mind set for starting own business. Now you will face to finalize a name that is unique, business related, not resemble to any existing brand, catchy and with specifications you would like to.

In this article, we are going to cover aspects how you can choose or find out your start name. Whether you are going to launch a company (private limited/limited), shop, firm, online business or need a creative business idea name for any other start-up, this article will help you to find a name for your business.

Step 1: Know your business requirements: Every type of business has different needs. You should know about your business requirement while choosing company name or business name. What type of names is best suitable in your market? Whether your market accepts traditional name, modern name, similar name, unique name, short name or long names? You have to research about your market acceptance while searching a business name.

Step 2: Market Research: Conduct a market research about famous brand in your segments. Try to find out similarity in these brands. If you find any similarity between these top brands, you can get company name ideas from this similarity. If you don’t find any similarity in these brand names then either you can get idea from any famous company name or find another way to generate a business name.
For example, if you will check famous brands i.e. amazon, apple, google, twiiter etc. They are either related to any existing famous thing or slightly modified form of any famous word.

Step 3: Searching for a Business Name: Searching a business name is not an easy process as it seems. It is one of the most difficult parts while starting business. Finding a catchy and unique name is like searching a coin from river. You dip into river and search for coin, return empty hands. Then dip and return. This process continues till you find a coin. Same in case of finding name for business. Some business name generator also available online but authenticity and uniqueness of these names are major concern.
You have completed step 1 and 2. Now you have business name idea in your mind. Follow following ways for start-up name generator:
  • Make a list of common words that you want to include into your name or for choosing words from these. For example you want to fix a famous fruit name for your brand (like apple), make a list of fruit names and search for availability of these brands.
    If you want to include alphabets from any name then find initial, middle or last alphabet/s from these names, like you take LE from Apple or AP from Apple or PP or PL etc, GR from Grape or RA or PE etc.
  • Choose any unique name that is not related to any existing brand in list you have prepared above. Or
    Add alphabet/s, you have chosen from different words. For example, you make a company name by including GR from Grape and AP from apple. It becomes GRAP. Likewise you can search for best business name ideas for your start-up/firm.

Step 4: Business name availability: You have chosen name for your start-up. Now you need to find out whether it resemble to any other existing brand or not. You need to conduct trade name search for this.
We recommend you to conduct search as many as possible way that you can do. You can search your brand at search engines (google, bing, yahoo etc) and you will find searches related to this word. You can check whether any business is already doing work with this name or not.
Second you should check availability for trademark registration. Visit and search trade name at public search option.

Step 5: Finalize New Business Name: If a word completes all requirements then you can finalize that word as your business name.

Step 6: Fix a suffix or prefix: Name you have chosen. Now this is the time to add a suffix or prefix to make it industry friendly and reflecting at business nature. You can adjoin a suffix or prefix as you consider best for your business.

A business name should have few character sticks. These character sticks may vary business to business and sector to sector. But still you should consider while finalizing the new business name. These are as follow:
  • A Business name should reflect business identity.
  • It should be unique and should not resemble to any existing name especially in industry concern.
  • It should be short and easy to remember & pronounceable.
  • If possible, it should have meaningful name or meaningful history behind name.
  • No silent characters should be present
  • It should be related to industry and more preferably technical in nature.
Hope above information is helpful to you...
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  1. Beginning a business can be hard and it can be local or online. Thinking of the best brand name that reverberates with your crowd, has an incredible backstory, can be troublesome. You may need something that is anything but difficult to spell or has a pleasant ring to it. The most ideal approach to begin the way toward picking a name for your business is by evaluating the quintessence of your business.The Most Important of The Lean Startup Methodology can help you to choose your right business on your place.


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