Wholesale Drug License: Experience Conditions?

Question: I have read some of your articles and I must say your team is doing a great job in providing needy ones with complete knowledge and details of Pharmaceutical Industry of India.
I had a small doubt and I would be grateful to you if you help me out of this.
I am doing graduation from an open university (Delhi University, School of Open Learning (SOL)) and side by side doing a job in a registered Pharma Company. The company recruited me on 10+2 basis. I just wanted to ask you whether I will be eligible to take the drug wholesale license in my name after graduation if I show the experience of 3 years in a registered pharma company alongside a B.A. degree. or I will have to show the experience in pharma industry after graduation ?

For taking wholesale drug license, a person should have one from the following eligibilities:
  • Either Registered pharmacist under state pharmacy council or
  • Person having minimum of one year experience at registered wholesale drug licensed firm after graduation 
So, you will have to show your experience after your graduation completion along with joining letter, salary statement and experience letter from pharma company or as asked by drug licensing authority at time of applying for wholesale drug license...


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