How can we start Pharmaceutical packaging services?

There are different types of pharmaceutical packaging and each as different suppliers and requirements. You need to choose which type of pharmaceutical packaging service you want to provide:
  • Primary Packaging e.g. blister, alu-alu, bottle, vial, ampule etc
  • Secondary Packaging e.g. box, cover etc
  • Tertiary Packaging e.g. Packaging cartoon etc
Read in detail: about pharmaceutical packaging here

Depend at type of packaging material you choose, you can start your own packaging material supplying business.
For becoming pharmaceutical packaging service provider, you need to have knowledge regarding pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers and regulations/act for pharmaceutical packaging implemented by government timely.
Along with above two requirements, either you should have own team of designers or you should have designing professional knowledge specially related to pharmaceutical packaging.
If you fulfill above requirements then its good chances to be successful in pharmaceutical industry as a pharmaceutical packaging service provider.

You need to have relationship with both packaging material manufacturer and pharmaceutical companies. You can set-up your firm by taking gst number and contact pharmaceutical manufacturers for their requirements and tie-up with packaging material manufacturers for procurement of packaging material. You can set your some profit margin in this process and start Pharmaceutical packaging services.

If you are interested in manufacturing of pharmaceutical packaging material, you can follow this link: How to start Pharma Packaging and Promotional material Manufacturing?


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