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Blogging is started to expression opinion, passion and interest but later it becomes part of earning living and in era of digitalization, it has become an important part of business.
Blogging is generally of three types i.e. Blogs, Vlogs and Podcasts.
When it is in written form, it is known as Blogs
When it is in video or visual form, it is known as Vlogs
When it is in sound form only, it is known as Podcasts

Blogging is one of the parts of broad term known as content marketing. In all form of content marketing, blogging is more powerful and useful tool for earning as well as brand building.

In this article, we are going to discuss about blogging as a tool to start own business without money. Not only in pharmaceutical sector but in any sector, blogging can be a tool for starting owns business, a part time income source or a full time income source. From other than these reasons, established or newly starts businesses use blog to get new customers, generate faith, brand building, and increase conversion rates, engage audience and many more.

How to start Blogging?
As we have discussed above, a blog can be a written article, video or recorded sound. In either form you can start blogging. Our main concentration will be on Blogs i.e. written articles.

Vlogs can be started through already established video sharing websites/applications like you tube, instagram etc. You tube is one of the most favorite video sharing website and a good source to earn income for vlogs.

Podcasts and Blogs are generally started through creating owns website or blogs. Podcasts are recorded sounds generally discussing about any particular topic. At present podcasts are not popular but in future podcasts can over run blogs and vlogs as people would not have time to read or watch anything. They will prefer to listen instead to read or watch.

Blogs are written articles generally written at any free blogging websites or own websites/blogs.

For any type of blogging, you should first have topic and segment. Start with what you know, in which industry/sector you belong. Blogging should be started with knowledge you have, how much you know about your sector/field, share your experiences, teach tricks to outcome problem during any work etc.

Choose topic or segment based upon your experience and knowledge

Second thing, you need to choose platform for staring your blog. That is more important aspect while starting. For Vlogs, youtube is one of the best at present. Blogs and podcasts should be started at own website/blogs rather than third party blogging websites.

Own website or blog can be started by two ways. Either with free blogging websites like, etc or through taking own domain name and web hosting. If you want to just try how to start blog then free blogging website is useful otherwise if you are serious about blogging then start with own domain name and web hosting which would cost only 3000-4000 per year. We will prefer to take own web hosting and domain name, install word press at your website and start writing blogs or uploads podcasts.

You will get login confidential for your domain name and web hosting from your web hosting provider. By logging in, you will have many options for website creation and installing word press will be one of them. There is lot of articles written about how to install word press. You can search these through Google and can learn about it.

We started with and still we have blogs at is blog hosting website owned by Google. You have two choices at One without custom domain and blog will be ended as and second with custom domain like etc. In this way, you can start with domain name and prevent expense of web hosting. By custom domain, you will only have to pay to domain name only i.e. approx. 850/-, 1050/- per year only and start own blog.

Just login at with your gmail e-mail Id and follow the steps. Blogger suggest domain name when you have set-up your blog. You can purchase domain directly from google or can purchase domain name from other providers and install setting at blogger. If you don’t want custom domain then you can skip and start blogging as

In starting, you blogging feels boring and you will be struck to find new content ideas for your blog, vlogs and podcasts. Remember first share every aspect of experience and knowledge you learn during your job, career, business or journey and share in a way that make sense and useful to your readers. Try to cover only single topic in single article, video or podcasts. Don’t try to mix-up all knowledge you have in single post. Make it clear and useful for your viewer, reader and listener.

How to optimize your Blog?
There are thousands of hundreds of blogs available in niche and industry; you are going to start your blog. Writing or creation is not a single work you have to do. You have to optimize and promote your blog along with writing and creation.

One of the main reasons for optimizing the blogs/vlogs/podcasts is to generate traffic for your posts, videos and podcasts. You have many options to promote your blogs i.e. social media portals like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, what app etc. You can share your blog/vlog/podcast through these channel to get readers, viewers and listeners and build audience for your blog/vlog/podcasts.

For Vlogs created for youtube, youtube is main source of viewers and audience but in case of blogs/podcasts created through own blogs and websites, search engines are major source of traffic. There are many search engines are available e.g. Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo search, etc. Google is major source of traffic as compare to other search engines. That’s why digital marketer’s main concentration is to optimize website for Google.

The term use for optimizing blog to get better rank at search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization is way to rank a website/blog at Google first rank at particular keyword (e.g. Pharma Franchise Company in India) by altering, modifying and changing HTML structure and content of your article or website.

Some experts claim to be positioned a particular website/blog at Google’s first rank but in reality, no one knows how Google search logarithm works. Major SEO experts examine Google ranking pattern and recommends factors that could be helpful to get better ranking at Google.

Few ranking factors are as follow:
  • Create useful Contents that provide value to users.
  • Link Building: Create links to your old articles in your new posts along with creating links for your website/blog from other famous websites of your niche
  • Keyword Searching: Search keywords that are searched at Google by visitors and add these keywords in your post. Keywords can be found through keyword planner by logging in at
  • Meta Tags and description
  • Social Media presence etc

Wait and Watch Policy:
Once you have implemented above said technique and started to work regularly at your blog/vlog/podcast. But you will not see any improvement for some time. Blogging is long term aspect. You can’t get result in short time. You have to wait and does regular work for one year, two year and so on depend at your work, niche, sector and much more.

Hope above information is helpful to you….
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