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How to grow your Pharma Business?

  Growing a pharma business requires a strategic approach considering the specific context of your company and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole. Here are some general pointers to get you started: Market and Customer: Identify your target customer: Deeply understand the specific needs and challenges of your target audience, whether it's doctors, patients, hospitals, or other healthcare providers. This helps tailor your products, services, and marketing efforts. Focus on unmet needs: Look for gaps in the market where existing solutions are inadequate or unavailable. Addressing unmet needs can give you a competitive edge and drive innovation. Track market trends: Stay updated on regulatory changes, technological advancements, and emerging diseases to adapt your approach and anticipate future opportunities. Products and Services: Invest in R&D: Develop innovative products or differentiate existing ones through unique formulations, delivery methods, or combinations. Remember

List of WHO:GMP certified pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Haryana (India)

List of WHO:GMP certified pharmaceutical manufacturing companies Andhra Pradesh, Assam , Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh , Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh , Maharashtra, Puducherry, Punjab , Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, West Bengal


This list contains manufacturing unit name and address (list may include loan license)
  • M/S Advik Laboratories Limited, 138, Roz Ka Meo, Industerial Area, Sohna-122103, Mewat Haryana
  • M/S, Coral Drugs Pvt.Ltd., 55-56, Hsiidc, Industrial Estate, Murthal District, Sonepat, Haryana
  • M/S. Venus Remedies Limited Plot No.51-52, Industrial Area, Phase-I, Panchkula, Haryana,
  • M/S Psychotropics India Ltd. 141 Dlf Industrial Area, Faridabad, Haryana
  • M/S. Sterile India Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.100, Sector-56, Phase-Iv, Hsiidc, Kundli District Sonepat, Haryana
  • M/S. Pharmchem, Modern Industrial Estate, Bahadurgarh District Jhajjar, Haryana
  • M/S Vitalife Laboratories (A Division Of Arch Pharmalabs Limited), Village Pathreri, Bilaspur Tauru Road, Gurgaon
  • M/S. Belco Pharma, 515, Modern Industrial Estate, Bahadurgarh District Jhajjar, Haryana
  • M/S Nitin Lifesciences Ltd., Plot No. 92-93, Sector-3, Hsiidc, Industrial Area, Karnal-132001
  • M/S. Alps Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 1692, Hsiidc, Industrial Estate, Rai, Distt. Sonepat
  • M/S Wave Pharmaceuticals Limited C/O M/S. Alps Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 1692, Hsiidc, Industrial Estate,Rai, Distt. Sonepat (Haryana).
  • M/S Synmedic Labroatories Plot No. 106-107, Hsidc, Industrial Estate Sector 31, Faridabad- 121003, Haryana
  • M/S. Dhanuka Laboratories Ltd., 7 Km., Old Manesar Road, Village Mohammedpur, Gurgaon
  • M/S. Chemical Resources, Plot No. 3-A, Industrial Area, Phase-Ii, Panchkula, Haryana,
  • M/S. Getwell Pharmaceuticals, Plot No. 474, Udyog Vihar, Phase-V, Gurugram, Haryana
  • M/S. Zee Laboratories, Uchani G.T. Road, Karnal-132001
  • M/S. Peters Surgical India (P) Ltd., Plot No. 169, Sector-4, Imt, Manesar, Gurugram
  • M/S. Glide Chem Pvt. Ltd., Plot No. 1893, Rai Industrial Area, Phase-Iv, Hsiidc, Rai, Sonipat
  • M/S. Lepro Herbals Private Limited, Village Jhattipur, Gt Road, Panipat- 132101, Haryana
  • M/S. Mcneil And Argus Pharmaceuticals Limited, 100, Rampur Sarsehri Road, Ambala Cantt.-133001 Haryana
  • M/S Unimax Laboratories, Plot No. 7, Sector-24, Faridabad-121005 (Haryana)
  • M/S Combitic Caplet Pvt. Ltd., Global M-15, D-2 & D-3, Industrial Area, Sonepat, Haryana
  • M/S Lanark Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. C/O M/S. Zee Laboratories, Uchani G.T. Road, Karnal
  • M/S Klokter Life Sciences, C/O M/S. Zee Laboratories, Uchani G.T. Road, Karnal
  • M/S MDC Pharmaceutical (P) Limited C/O M/S Unimax Laboratories, Plot No. - 7, Sector - 24, Faridabad
  • M/S Noble Wellness Pvt. Ltd. C/O M/S Unimax Laboratories, Plot No. - 7, Sector - 24, Faridabad
  • M/S Alchem International Private Ltd., 25/2, Main Mathura Road, Village – Kaili, Ballabgarh, District – Faridabad-121004
  • M/S Maiden Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Plot No. 81, Hsidc, Phase-I, Industrial Area, Kundli, Sonepat.
  • M/S Biomax Biotechnics Pvt. Ltd., Plot No. 261, Hsiidc, Industrial Estate, Alipur, Barwala Haryana
  • M/S. Adsila Organics Pvt. Ltd., Kila No. 21/22/1(2-17), Liwaspur Road, Village Bahalgarh District Sonepat, Haryana
  • M/S. Rishab Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., 417, Industrial Area, Phase-I Panchkula (Haryana)
  • M/S Agro Cool India Pvt. Ltd Ghikara Road, Charkhi Dadri, Distt. Bhiwani (Haryana)
  • M/S Mitra Industries Private Ltd. 14/4, Delhi-Mathura Road, Faridabad, Haryana
  • M/S Sia Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Plot No. 170, Hsiidc, Barhi Indl. Area, Phase-I, Sonepat
  • M/S Cure Quick Pharmaceuticals 20-21, Sector-3, Hsiidc, Karnal-132001 (Haryana)


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